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“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
— Henry David Thoreau

Connection, Creativity & Dream Building Retreat

Do your daily routines reflect your dreams? 

Do you realize connection, creativity, and exploring is an essential need for surviving and most certainly for thriving?  Isn’t it time to consider just how valuable these three core needs are in your life?  Even more importantly, asking yourself how well you’re meeting these needs?

As infants we literally came into this world instinctually needing, reaching, and sometimes, screaming for connection.  It’s one of our most natural, soothing and blissful pleasures of being human.  It was, is, and will always be one of our most core basic needs.  Connection is not only a natural desire, but we need it to survive and thrive.  Curiosity and exploration are also a core essential instinct, necessary for our survival, growth and healthy development.  

As children grow through the different development stages they instinctually and naturally find simple pleasure in exploring what’s possible, creating just for fun, and and dreaming of what they want to do, be, and experience in life.  When our childlike quality’s are nurtured, it allows our natural interests, abilities, and potentials to be explored and expanded. 

Far to often we lose this natural way about ourselves.  It’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilities, pace and demands of adulting.  The older we get it seems to become more and more difficult to allow ourselves to simply be, explore, play, and connect with others.  We often struggle to identify, believe in, and build our dreams.  Often we feel lonely, discouraged or misunderstood and don’t know how to get back to that part of ourselves.

Integrating our uniqueness with others can be scary, but it’s an essential element of living a life with purpose and passion.  

Image by Jennie Razumnaya

Humans need each other. We can do more, explore more, enjoy more, and build more together.  All different types of species live in herds, flocks, pods, or packs; not only to survive better, but we truly thrive better together. 

It can be difficult to find our tribe, our circle or other humans where we feel at home, loved, supported, and encouraged.  

  • Do you feel a flow of creativity, connection, and natural playfulness in your life?

  • Do your relationships, purpose, passion, and dreams align with what you value? 

  • Are you ready to live like your daily life matters? 

Image by Jennie Razumnaya
Image by Joshua Sukoff

Join Us in
St. George, Utah

Dates: October 20th - October 23rd 

Thursday 7pm - Sunday 12pm

Cost: $1200-$1800

*Payment Plan Available with $500


Tentative Retreat Itinerary:

Thursday (Oct. 20th)

7:00pm ~ Welcome / Logistics/ Meet & Greet

Friday (Oct. 21st)
7:30 ~ Morning Hike & Mountain Meditation

9:30 ~ Healthy Breakfast 

11:00 ~ Connection & Dream Building Workshop

1:00 ~ Lunch 

2:00 ~ Journaling & Pool Time

4:00 ~ Alpha State & Art Therapy

6:30 ~ Dinner

8:00 ~ Creating in Theta / Sound Bath

Saturday (Oct. 22nd)
7:30 ~ Yoga & Meditation

9:00 ~ Healthy Breakfast

10:00 ~ Planning & Strategizing Session

1:00 ~ Picnic Lunch by the Creek

2:30 ~ Collaboration Time / Poolside Style

4:00 ~ Workshop - Risks / Needs & Resources 

6:00 ~ Dinner 

8:00 ~ Music / Dancing / Celebration

10:00 ~ Fireside & S'mores

Sunday (Oct. 23rd)
7:30 ~ Next Steps Forward Meditation & Hike

11:00 ~ Sacred Meal & Dream Sharing

“Success is not something you get in life, it is an inner process and it is something you bring to everything you do in your life.”    
— Wayne Dyer

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