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Certification Course for Healers & Coaches 

 Fundamental Elements for Developing and Deepening Your Own Unique Gifts With Confidence.

This course is for those that have felt drawn to the holistic healing and/or coaching path. You may be new to all of this or someone looking to tune up or deepen your competence and/or capacity as a healer or coach. The learning process in this program will be a beautiful balance between teaching, experiential learning, and mentoring. All those involved will become part of the curriculum; if this scares you just a little bit...good! :) You are on the edge of new growth. When you enter the process of expansion, you will feel a sense of risk and relief. You will not only learn and excel in your abilities, but you will first and foremost expand and excel within yourself. That is the healers journey.

It is the model of influence for those drawn into your healing presence. Learning and refining your intuitive abilities for energy work, coaching, and assisting your clients in their unique way of soulful journeying provides a much deeper holistic value to you as a practitioner and all with whom you work with.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Module 1

This first module is filled with fundamental elements, insights and ethics every healer and coach needs for a healthy foundation to build and grow.

Self awareness is essential in order to have true client awareness. To be a healthy and effective healer or coach you must be able to recognize, manage, and acknowledge your current state, and at times, level of limitation. This is a crucial foundation to be a safe, ethical, and healthy provider on a mind, body or soul level. Competence requires knowledge, appropriate application of skills, intuitive insights and when to apply each of them. We will be exploring natural strengths, intuition styles, area’s of interest, as well as biases, and blind spots as a practitioner in this module.

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Module 2

Processes and Methods

Effective healers, energy workers, and coaches are continuously learning new skills, processes, and methods to work with their clients. In this module we will focus on the way in which we listen, learn, how to deepen our understanding of healing and coaching techniques and tools. The deepening of our learning process is a premise to be able to later open our intuitive abilities and methods of application to meet precise client needs. We will be addressing the mindset patterns and learning limitations from prior training and knowledge. This allows you to open and expand your experience and competence into intuitive wisdom practices.

We will learn and practice new specific fundamental processes that can be used in many forms.

Module 3


Learning to intuitively bridge purpose, method, and processes as needed is the unique offering of this module. The client is the defining meter of whether or not a specific process, tool, or method is an accurate approach. Working in balance with the mind, body and soul needs in a wholistic manner is essential. Learning to work the edge, while maintaining safety and trust with your client, is one of the most important skill sets as a practitioner. This is the purpose of this module.

The experience gained in this module will lay a foundation for gaging each and every client session that you hold.

Matching methods & processes to client needs. 

Training & Mentoring Dates

Spring 2023:

March: Saturday 25 & Sunday 26

April: Saturday 15 & Sunday 16

May: Saturday 5 & Sunday 6     


Times: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Location: 9419 S. Union Square

Sandy, Utah 84070

Synchronicities Healing & Wellness Center

Zoom Sessions:   

February 20 - 6:30-8:00 pm

 April 03 - 6:30-8:00 pm

April 24 - 6:30-8:00 pm

May 22  - 6:30-8:00 pm

Cost: $2,500

$800 deposit to register reach out for payment plans. 


Set up a call with Christy today, to see if this course is a fit for you.

 Limited spots available.

Text: 801-380-1545 or click the button below to book a consult online

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