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Is Your Life Filled With the People, Passion and Purpose you Desire? 

Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, repeating old patterns, and just surviving?  Have you lost your sense of connection with yourself, others, and your daily life? 


Do you wake up with excitement, clarity, purpose, and direction? 

Do you feel vibrant, happy, and fulfilled? 

Is 2020 Your Year? 

It's easy to settle for a life that doesn't actually feel like ours.  We get into routines, create narratives that don't serve us, and move further and further away from who we were meant to be and the life you were meant to live. 


But if you are ready to step into the part of yourself that has always been there and claim your life, then this retreat series is for you. 

A 90 Day Life Transforming Journey

Transformation is a process and our retreat program is uniquely designed to support you as you learn and grow throughout this process. Your transformation begins with a 4 day fun, relaxing, rejuvenating retreat with one-on-one support, group support and life-changing breakthroughs.  Throughout the retreat and for the 90 days following you are supported with transformative guidance, exploration, and intuitive individual and group coaching. 

1st Month Focus 

Remember Your Essence

The first month begins with a power packed 4 day life-changing retreat that will take you safely through the process of reconnection to your true-essence and parts of yourself you may have lost touch with along the way.  This reunion with your core self will be supported in a loving, nurturing environment, through a mixture of laughter, maybe some tears, and a reuniting with your true essence, strengths and value. 

2nd Month Focus

Living With Essence

The second month you will participate through weekly online group coaching sessions to give you the tools to balance and apply your new self-discoveries to any situation-whether it's to engage more fully with your personal life, your family, or your career. 

This stage of self-development is about learning new skills, resources and practicing your intuitive wisdom to stay centered, engaged, and connected with yourself and others. 

3rd Month Focus

Sharing Your Essence

The third month is where you often realize the magic inside of you and the depth of impact you make in this world as you show up in your true essence and alignment with your internal strengths.  During the final month you will have an individual coaching session. You will create a personal plan and strategy to carry this internal work and process forward in your life.  You will define and design your personal map for your day to day experience and with your external world. 


The reclaim your life retreats are focused on personal discovery and internal recovery. Each day will consist of learning - conversation - intuitive connection - adventure - breath - and body work.  Relax, play, enjoy, and connect with yourself, and a small group of people while you bask in nature's beautiful, healing, surroundings. 

If not now, when?

Meet Your Facilitator

Christy Carter

It can be overwhelming to wake up and realize the life you are living is not the life you imagined.  It is hard to know where to start and how to get back to the core of your unique essence, or find hope for the life you want to be living. 

As a family relations mediator, life transitions coach, intuitive healer, speaker, mother, and breast cancer survivor.  I know how difficult, yet critical it is to define these things and prioritize them, amongst the many competing demands in your life.  To even speak of living with essence, purpose, passion and fulfillment may sound like a high measure, but to break these limiting paradigms is the magic of embracing what is possible. 

We must each find the desire to seek out the remembrance of who we are and that we deserve to feel and safely explore the life we want to have and experience.

It's your daily moments that make up your life, those moments matter, and they can change now.  

Our retreats and workshops are the perfect way to come home to yourself and find answers to the questions you've been needing to ask yourself.  

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”     

--Walt Whitman

It's Easy to Book a Retreat


Choose the date that will work best for you, book your spot and select your payment plan. 

Mark your calendar

Once you've paid, we'll give you immediate access to our supportive resources and FB page and then book your travel to Park City, Utah for your retreat. 

Transformation begins

Look for your welcome packet and get ready for a safe, supportive and healing journey back to yourself and the life you desire.  

What is your current pattern costing you? 

If you are craving connection, rejuvenation, and healing you can't afford not to invest in yourself...

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