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Togetherness with Intention

The path of the liberated woman is a journey of continuous discovery of the mysteries we hold. It is a rewilding of sorts, the unearthing of our innate magic that leads to our greatest power and freedom. And what a place to remember this truth, the Garden Island of Kauai! She is bursting forth with springs and waterfalls, vibrant blooms and rich mud, both gentle and thundering surf: the pinnacle of aliveness.

As facilitators who explore and appreciate this mystery, and the interface of physical form with Nature, we chose to journey here for the exhilaration, the heightened sensations and the sacred energy of this land.

Themes woven into your week will be: finding freedom within self, welcoming your highest intelligence, releasing limiting beliefs as you reclaim the life you desire, and aligning with divine destiny.

We will move our bodies to rhythm, absorb sacred sounds, experience ocean initiations, dive into heart and womb energies, explore nooks and crannies and soul landings, create art that reflects our transformation, nourish our bodies with fresh, real island produce, and more to enable this deep transmission. A mixture of recreation, fun, exploration, and both physical and spiritual nourishment, in this unmatched island atmosphere.



Kauai is the oldest, least developed, and fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Sometimes referred to as the Garden Island; this is manifested in the vast mountainsides, healing sun, tropical rainforests, and tranquil beaches that surround the island. Kauai is the perfect place to reconnect to your soul, deepen your practice, and set intentions for what you wish to manifest!

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Sunset and Palm Trees
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- Daily yoga and meditation practices. 

- Sound baths 


- Journaling and inquiry opportunities 


- 2-3X daily fresh meals (Vegan, gluten free options)


- Specialty Workshops


- Hiking


- Paddle boarding to a waterfall


- Guided Labyrinth walk 


- Yoni Painting


- Lots of laughing and connection

- Sunrise, Sunset & Stargazing

Image by Amy Humphries

What to Bring

-yoga mat

- yoga props you like to use (I.e. block,

strap, blanket)


- journal


- bathing suit(s)


- hiking shoes/sneakers


- sunglasses


- sunscreen


- beach shoes (flip flops!)


- layers and changes of clothing


- rain coat/light jacket


-snorkel/mask/fins (optional)


Your home on Island is located in the pristine neighborhood of Princeville, perched above the stunning North Shore of Kauaii. The Punahele home is directly across the street from the infamous Queen’s Bath (how fitting!). This area is known for its untouched natural beauty, dramatic cliffsides views of the Pacific Ocean, and abundant rainfall and waterfalls.

A beautiful walking path provides cliffside coastal views, with the option to descend to Hideaway Beach. The perfectly manicured Makai Golfcourse is a short walk from the home, as well as a few tucked away dining spots, a grocery store and small shops.

The home is ideal for gathering, meals, swimming, sunning, resting, socializing and learning…or taking a peaceful nap or private shower. The main floor has been designed with an open, airy feel, with the great room extending directly to the pool and lanai.

A variety of bedrooms allows for a customized price point for you and the other guests, or for you and a friend. From the premier Moana Master Suite to the Semi-private Balconette, there are enough beds and bathrooms for everyone to enjoy their stay, their way:



Premier bedroom with ocean view, balcony, spacious double vanity with stand alone tub and shower and walk in closet. Can be split with a friend ($2200 each)



This private room has a queen bed, private bathroom with tub/shower combo, large closet and balcony access. May be split with a friend ($3300 or $1650 each)



Two twin beds, and a roomy shared bathroom ($2200 each).



A private room with a full bed and a roomy shared bathroom ($2400).



Sleeps up to three on a pull apart sectional- the party room! Shared bathroom ($3300 or $1650 each).

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accomidations 1.jpg
accomidations 3.png

About your organizers

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Christy has over 25 years of experience assisting individuals, couples, and families to create much needed changes. Her compassionate, lighthearted manner brings a sense of safety and hope to difficult situations. She has worked in conflict resolution and human relations for over 25 years as a Court Certified Mediator, Certified NLP Life Coach, and Master Rapid Eye Therapy Technician. Her formal education is in Psychology and Communications.

Christy’s greatest role of being a Mother of 8 children and 9 grandchildren. She knows the real joys and challenges of family and balancing a playful, joyful, and fulfilling life.

Christy loves living on the Big Island of Hawaii and full of gratitude to experience the incredible beauty of the island as well as the aloha shared here. She is an adventuresome soul and always ready to experience new things.


Hi! I am Rachel Jones! I work with others to fully integrate their wellness solutions and help others who are seeking to come back into alignment with their mind, body, and soul.
Through my years of holistic experience and my own deep spiritual journey, I share my alchemy through customized retreats, programs, essential oils, and sacred sanctuary events. I help others connect to their own inner magic and transformational wellbeing through living free.


Andréa is an admired and trusted teacher who has helped hundreds heal from deep wounds, past trauma and broken relationships. Through her seminars, workshops, online courses and one on one coaching Andréa has taught many how to love and live the life they were born for. 

As a mother, business owner and emotion enthusiast Andrea has structured programs designed to guide others through their emotions and into a state of being. 

If one leans all into their experience with Andréa they find the deepest experience in Liberation. 


Paige is a queen of life reclamation. She understands the process of reconnecting to Wombspace after years of surviving within a frozen nervous system, deep religious and patriarchal dogma, and outsourcing of inner authority. She believes in embodying the sacred crone archetype with passion and purpose, and finding deep trust within our own bodies.

Combining expertise in physiology, NLP, plant nutrition and pharmacology, trauma and relationship studies and certification as a Spiral Practitioner and Womb Spiral Practitioner, the experiences she creates offer deep discovery and healing.

Paige’s guidance is particularly a breath of fresh air for those leaving roles that no longer serve them, and for those who wish to discover truth on their own terms.

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