Heart, Mind, & Soul Community Gathering

Come feed your heart, mind, body, and soul each month.  We will gather on the last Sunday of the month to learn, laugh, connect, and grow together as a community.  

September's topic: Balancing Your Life with Those You Love

Family Alignment Process

Transforming Family Dysfunction


This is a powerful spiritual process to help bring understanding, compassion, and healing to dysfunctional family patterns.  A tool for healing family baggage in your current life, but also in your family DNA line.  In this process everyone is acknowledged and honored in our family system, with understanding of our personal roles, responsibilities, issues, and patterns in the family system.  

Next Event: September 18, 2022

Family Photo Album
Image by Harli  Marten
Learning the Ropes of Relationships

September Topic: When Sh*# Hits The Fam...

Learn how to understand, deal with, and find resolution with all types of conflict.  Conflict is difficult and painful for most people. Understanding the different dynamics of what drives conflict is the first step in learning to navigate it. Just like crossing difficult waters, working through conflict requires attentive and careful thought in order to reach the other side safely for all parties involved.  

Connection, Creativity & Dream Building Retreat

Do you realize connection, creativity, and exploring is an essential need for surviving and most certainly for thriving?  Isn’t it time to consider just how valuable these three core needs are in your life?  Even more importantly, asking yourself how well you meeting these needs?

Next Retreat: October 20th-October 23rd