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Fundamental Coaching and Healing Certification and Mentorship

Module 1- Self Assessment/Self Awareness

January 21-22

This first module is filled with fundamental elements, insights and ethics every healer and coach needs in order to have a healthy foundation to build upon.

Self awareness is essential in order to have true client awareness. To be a healthy and effective healer or coach you must be able to recognize, manage, and acknowledge your current state, and at times, level of limitation. This is a crucial foundation to be a safe, ethical, and healthy provider on a mind, body or soul level.

Competence requires knowledge, appropriate application of skills, intuitive insights and when to apply each of them. We will be exploring natural strengths, intuition styles, area’s of interest, as well as biases, and blind spots in this module. 

Module 2- Processes & Methods

Effective healers, energy workers, and coaches constantly learn and intuitively respond to their clients. We address the mindset patterns and subconscious beliefs based on the skills either already learned or in the process of learning. The association of how to learn skills, methods and processes in a way that deepens the understanding to the purpose so that it can be applied from an intuitive nature later.

-intrinsic values

-healing modalities
-understanding of holistic processes

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